Titanic's Iowa Connections

Apr 12, 2012

Early next Sunday morning will mark the moment exactly 100 years ago that the magnificent steamship R.M.S. Titanic sank in the N. Atlantic.  It was a world-wide catastrophic event and you might not realize 36 Titanic passengers had some sort of a tie to Iowa.  This hour, we'll hear some of their stories, such as Walter and Mahala Douglas who boarded the ship along with their French maid, and Albert and Sylvia Caldwell, who along with their son, Alden, were on their way back to Iowa from Siam, now known as Thailand.  Charity speaks to historian David Wendell of Cedar Rapids and April Kamp-Whittaker, Director of Museum Projects at Brucemore in Cedar Rapids, which is currently housing an exhibit, "The Titanic's Unsinkable Stories: 100 Years Later."