Tiffin Moves Toward Its Own Minimum Wage

Mar 9, 2016

Johnson County’s experiment setting a county minimum wage above the state’s $7.25 an hour produced another version last night.

Tiffin’s city council gave first reading to an ordinance setting wage minimums at $9 an hour.

The only ‘no’ vote came from council-woman Jo Kahler.

“I do not feel we have any business telling businesses what they should pay in wages,” she said in an interview on Tuesday.

Until Tiffin gives final approval to its own $9 ordinance, the Johnson County supervisors’ $8.20 an hour prevails.

On May 1, the county minimum jumps to $9.15, and then to $10.10 an hour by this time next year.

Several Johnson County communities have already opted out of that phased raising of the minimum wage, and last night Tiffin took the first step in setting its own.