Suzanne & Barney Team Up Today 11AM-1PM

Oct 4, 2014

Every Sunday morning  Suzanne Bona brings us gems from before Mozart on  Sunday Baroque and Barney Sherman follows with four hours of great music. Today, from 11AM to 1PM they'll team up for two special hours of Sunday Baroque. Suzanne is an accomplished professional flautist, and Barney will ask her about her career and how she comes up with those incredibly rich, varied playlists every week. Barney has written about music for many outlets, such as the New York Times, and interviewed many leading artists.  Tune in to learn more about Suzanne and to hear what music she picks for this special segment! Barney will remain on the air until 4 PM with exceptional music from all eras.

Suzanne Bona
Credit Sunday Baroque