StoryCorps: Recognizing Differences and Shared Experiences

Sep 4, 2017

Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected interviews with more than 400-thousand Americans.  Their goals are to preserve and share stories, build connections between people, and create a more just and compassionate world.

"At StoryCorps we like to say listening is an act of love," says StoryCorps mobile tour site manager Morgan Feigal-Stickles. "It's this idea of coming together with somebody you care about and just sitting down with them and paying attention to them and only them for forty minutes."

This edition of Talk of Iowa is hosted before a live audience at the Iowa State Historical Museum in Des Moines.  Host Charity Nebbe talks with Feigal-Stickles and other StoryCorps producers about the process of collecting stories from across the country. She talks with Iowa Public Radio Morning Edition host Clay Masters about his experience in the StoryCorps mobile booth. Masters spoke with his brother about the importance of recognizing and talking through grief after the loss of a loved one. Also, both local and national StoryCorps stories are shared throughout the hour.

You can find links to locally produced StoryCorps stories here: