Station 1: Non-Profit Record Label in Des Moines Focused on Artist Development

Mar 21, 2017

Most record labels find artists who already have an audience and then use their talent and following to make money. What if the business model worked a little different, and the label had the time to invest in helping an artist to develop their art and grow as a professional businessperson at the same time? That’s the same question Tobi Parks with Station 1 Records, which operates as a non-profit in Des Moines, had. During this hour, she talks with host Charity Nebbe about the label.

Lily DeTaeye, an Iowa City based singer-songwriter, also joins the conversation. DeTaey recorded her forthcoming EP over spring break this year, after someone from Station 1 saw her playing on stage at 80/35. She’s been working with Parks since January and says Station 1 has really helped her grow as an artist and as a business person.

“There’s this whole side to the business that I don’t know anything about, so it’s nice to have people to trust to look out for me,” DeTaeye says.

She’s also been working collaboratively with other Station 1 artists. Hear their new track Barely Breathing below