Spring Weather Patterns Do a Number on Iowa Roofs

Mar 8, 2018

Super cold temperatures, unseasonably warm ones, and a lot of back and forth, can lead to costly repair trouble for houses.

Credit Emily Woodbury

“Iowans tends to have pretty leaky ceilings and leaky attics, as far as letting warm air from inside the house sneak up in the attic space,” says home improvement expert Bill McAnally.

“No matter how much insulation you have in the attic, warm moist air will travel up and in many cases, condense or form frost on the bottom of your roof.”

He says that people often don’t realize the problem of water or ice accumulation in their attics until there is water running in on the basement floor from the interior walls.

“If you look up into the attic space […] and it looks like the inside of the freezer, that’s a really bad situation.”

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with McAnally about how to prevent and mitigate water damage to your house due to weather fluctuations.