SOI Encore: wcfsymphony's "Elgar's Bike"

Nov 29, 2016

This week’s Symphonies of Iowa encore broadcast features the wcfsymphony’s “Elgar’s Bike” concert. The program includes works by Josef Strauss, Timo Andres, and Edward Elgar.

Edward Elgar and his bike, Mr. Phoebus

Hear the wcfsymphony present Elgar’s famous Enigma Variations in a whole new light alongside other works inspired by the kinetic energy of cycling. Josef Strauss’ quirky Velocipede Polka depicts the cycling craze that swept through Vienna, and Timo Andres’ Running Theme captures cycling’s unique combination of repetition and climax. Tune in on Monday, December 5 at 7 p.m. for this Symphonies of Iowa encore broadcast!


STRAUSS – Velocipede Polka

ANDRES – Running Theme

ELGAR – Enigma Variations

Jason Weinberger, Music Director & Conductor

(Concert recorded April 23, 2016)