Simpson College Professor: Sanders Supporters Would Support Clinton

Apr 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton took four of five states that held primaries last night in the Northeast, bringing her closer to having a lock on the democratic nomination for president. Kedron Bardwell, Associate Professor of Political Science at Simpson College says he thinks challenger Bernie Sanders' supporters will support Clinton in the general election. 

"The Sanders supporters for the most part will stick with Hillary," he says. "The issues that Sanders cares about - it's not as if the Democratic Party has changed their positions that these issues are important."

"He may have this idea, and he's talked about it, that he can win a few more states and change the minds of a few of these super delegates. Now, I don't think this is going to happen."

During this hour of River to River, host Emily Woodbury talks with Bardwell and Chris Larimer, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Northern Iowa. Toward the end of the broadcast, Larimer and Woodbury turn attention to the Iowa Legislature. Lawmakers were scheduled to adjourn last week. Larimer says statehouses aren't immune from gridlock.

"Generally state legislatures are becoming more partisan. You're seeing more money flowing into federal races, but it's also trickling down to state races. You see trends in state legislatures where they are becoming more partisan. It's becoming harder to adjourn. You're seeing more party line votes. It's happening in Iowa too," Larimer says.