Shaping Our Galaxy: What the Milky Way Really Looks Like

Jan 17, 2014

Today we bring you four stories. First, the Iowa legislative session kicks off this week. IPR's Joyce Russell brings us inside the statehouse to give us an idea of what will and won't be worked on this year.

An otherwise healthy young boy died from the influenza virus. Patricia Quinlisk talks to host Ben Kieffer about why this flu season is different than previous years and how to limit spread of the virus.

In the second half of the program, Wartburg physics and astronomy Professor Charles Figura gives us insight to the true shape of our galaxy. It's pretty hard to tell when you are looking from within the Milky Way.

And, a quasi-judicial hearing turns comedic in Marion, after a group of residents called "Citizens for a Better Marion" hired a private investigator to look into the mayor's comings and goings.