Sen. Grassley "A Little Nervous" about Trump Trade Plans

Feb 28, 2017

President Donald Trump will offer his first address to a joint session of Congress tonight.

Iowa's senior senator, Republican Chuck Grassley, says he'll be there listening closely for the president's plans to help rural America, because he's a little nervous about the Trump's commitment to renegotiating free trade deals.

"Any president that can improve America's position in free trade agreements, nobody's going to bad mouth that," Grassley says. "I just advise him to be careful what he does, because usually agriculture is the first thing being retaliated."

As an example, Grassley points to a threat from Mexico to stop importing U.S. corn if trade negotiations don't go well.

Iowa Public Radio News and Studio One stations will broadcast the president's address tonight. Special coverage from NPR begins at 7 pm and the president's speech is scheduled for 8 pm.