Sen. Grassley Calls for Transparency, Accountability in Rule-Making

Jun 9, 2015

Iowa’s senior U.S. senator says the federal rule-making process is out of control. Republican Chuck Grassley says recent changes to the Renewable Fuels Standard and Waters of the US Rule were made without adequate Congressional oversight.

“Regulation should be high-quality, based on sound-science and crafted in (the) open, with the public’s participation,” Grassley says, “and properly reviewable by the courts. Transparency brings accountability.”

He says the Environmental Protection Agency didn’t respect significant opposition to the Waters Rule and instead launched a public relations campaign to drum up support.

Grassley plans to chair a Senate judiciary committee hearing tomorrow to discuss what actions Congress could take to make the regulatory process more open and responsible.

“Agencies are falling far short of their duties to weigh the cost and benefit of new regulation,” Grassley says, “and there’s little the courts can do to hold them accountable.”

He says he hopes the hearing will lead to improved checks and balances, though he also would like Congressional action to limit the powers of federal government officials in the rule-making process.