Sen. Ernst Talks Health Care, Syria at Elkader Town Hall

Apr 11, 2017

Sen. Joni Ernst told constituents in Elkader Monday that health care has been the biggest topic at town hall meetings, and Congress needs to work hard on new health care legislation.

She says she is worried the one remaining statewide health insurance carrier on Iowa's individual market will be free to raise its prices or will also pull out of the state.

Ernst says there is a new plan in the works to replace the Affordable Care Act, and she hopes it is ready before open enrollment starts for 2018.

"It's back to the drawing board, and hopefully we can come up with some sort of bipartisan legislation that will make it through and be acceptable to the president, but also work for our constituents," says Ernst. 

She says House Republicans’ failed attempt at replacing the Affordable Care Act happened too fast, and the next plan should be made in a more thoughtful manner.

"We all recognized we need to slow down and consider all options before it comes to the Senate," says Ernst. 

When asked about recent air strikes in Syria, Ernst says President Trump should come to Congress for authorization if he wants to initiate further military action.

She says last week's strike on a Syrian airfield  sends a message to Syria and Russia that chemical warfare will not be tolerated.

"It was in direct response, one strike against the drop of a chemical agent," says Ernst. "If there are further actions that would happen, the president needs to come to Congress and needs to explain that."

Ernst says the United Nations should insist on inspections in Syria to ensure all chemical agents are destroyed.