Scottish Independence Vote Too Close to Call

Sep 18, 2014

A visiting Professor from Scotland says he's "terrified" about Scotland's vote on independence from the UK September 18th.

Derek Wilson is Global Practitioner in Residence at Drake University and a Scotsman.  He lives with his family and teaches at the University of Nantes in France, so is not eligible to vote in Thursday's referendum.  But he says he doesn't know how he'd vote, even if he could. 

"Sometimes I feel I would vote yes.  Sometimes I feel I would vote no.  I really don't know how I would vote.  I think I would be part of the eight percent 'don't knows,' because it's such a huge question."

Host Ben Kieffer talks with Wilson about devolution, which has led to this week's referendum, and how the vote is expected to break down demographically.  He says it's been interesting to watch the generational differences in how Scottish voters are getting and interpreting information on the issue, with younger voters relying more on social media.  Wilson says he thinks independence will eventually come to Scotland, and if this referendum fails, it likely won't be brought back to the ballot for another generation.

But, Wilson is reluctant to make any predictions, saying the vote could easily go either way. 

"I'm just terrified.  It's outrageous that this decision is coming along, and it's going to be enormous if they vote yes."