Sanders Blasts Clinton on Trade

Jun 15, 2015

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wrapped up a three day campaign swing through Iowa Sunday, and he had harsh words for Hillary Clinton on the issue of international trade.  

At a state fairgrounds rally, Clinton said she can’t say whether she supports a bill in Congress giving the President so-called fast track trade authority to facilitate a Pacific trade deal.  

Clinton says she needs to see what’s really in the bill.

“So does everybody else in America, needs to see it,” Sanders says, talking to reporters at a Warren County Democrats picnic in Indianola.  “That’s a good damn reason to vote against this bill.  The lack of transparency is insulting to members of Congress.”

Sanders allies with many Democrats who say the trade deal is bad for workers.   

In her speech, Clinton said she’s neither for nor against the bill, but somewhere in the middle. 

“I think people would prefer to hear what your position is, rather than passing the buck and saying I have no position,” Sanders says.  “That is not leadership.”

Sanders agrees with Democrats in the U.S. House who blocked a vote on the bill last week. Clinton says President Obama should work with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to reach agreement on the bill.