Sam Knutson and Milk & Eggs on Java Blend December 8, 2012

Feb 15, 2013

Songwriters Sam Knutson and Milk & Eggs (Jordan Sellergren) have recently collaborated for The Englert Theatre's Iowa City Song Project, recording their duet "Up the Street From You" as part of the Englert's centennial celebration.

In addition to this collaboration, the two perform as part of The Iowa Opera House Project. Along with Des Moines band Thankful Dirt, Iowa City's Dustin Busch, Anamosa's John Waite, and the legendary Dave Moore, Sam and Jordan have turned their acoustic performances into a larger effort to draw attention to Iowa's beautiful antique theaters.

Knutson's gentle and intelligent lyrics offer the sort of perspectives that can only come from years of thoughtful reflection. Sellergren's simple musings on negotiating the landscape of modern love and motherhood offer an approachable, interpretable and honest suite of songs that anyone can feel a part of.