Resolve to be a Better Homeowner

Dec 16, 2014

Home improvement expert Bill McAnally has some suggestions to help you be a better homeowner in 2015.

Bill spoke with host Charity Nebbe and answered listener questions about home improvement projects.  He also offered one gift suggestion for any homeowner on your holiday shopping list:  A stepladder with a 300 lb. load capacity (remember to take into account the weight of the tool belt.)  Some of his suggested 2015 homeowner resolutions are listed below.

1. Set aside your ego. As a builder, you may think you know how best to tackle a project, but if you don't listen to the homeowner, you won't have a happy customer. As a homeowner, you may have done a few hours of research, but that doesn't hold a candle to your builder's years of expertise. Listen to each other.

2.  Don't be afraid of change. You shouldn't keep doing things the same way just because it's the way you've always done them. There are constant changes in industry knowledge and products.

3.  Don't rely too much on technology. You can't rely too much on technology to do the jobs that need to be done in a home.  Building basics, like making sure water can drain away or escape from a home, still apply. No product can cover up bad practices.

4.  Do a self energy audit. Keep a journal of how much energy you're using month to month. Think about why that amount fluctuates, and take steps to cut back on usage. Are you leaving fans running all day?

5.  Look in your attic. That is where you will find visual evidence of any moisture or air circulation problems in your home.

6.  When you research, consider location. Homes are built very differently by region. If you're researching building options in Iowa, you may not want to take advice from someone in South Carolina.