To Rake or Not to Rake

Apr 4, 2016

With April, spring has tentatively arrived, grass everywhere is starting to turn green, and Iowan eyes are cast to the lawn. One question facing homeowners is whether or not to rake the leftover leaves on the lawn.

"You can get some damage from it. On the other hand, in most situations those leaves will break down and they won't do a thing, Iowa State University horticulture professor and turf grass expert Nick Christians.

Christians says the leaf breakdown can even be beneficial.

"It adds organic matter, it adds nutrients, so it can pay to take a mulching mower and chop them up in the fall so they break down quicker. But is it mandatory to rake them off? In most cases, no."

On this Horticulture Day, host Charity Nebbe speaks with Christians and ISU extension horticulturist Richard Jauron.