Raccoons Stole My Baby Jesus: Iowa's Dr. Jennifer Doll

Mar 6, 2018

After 26 years in practice, the last 19 in Iowa, veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Doll of Solon has met and wrangled her share of feral cats, black bears, cougars, giant pythons, and crocodilians.

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Dr. Doll about her new book Raccoons Stole My Baby Jesus: A Look at the Life of a Not So Traditional Veterinarian (booklocker.com). Doll is the Medical Director for Iowa Humane Alliance and volunteer veterinarian for Witty Kitties Inc. and Animals All About Inc., where she takes in almost every animal that no one else will.

"The number one cause for death for dogs and cats in this country is euthanasia," Dr. Doll told Charity.

For Dr. Doll, this often makes saying no to helping animals difficult. She currently takes care of about a hundred animals of her own, including two alligators, six cats, horses, donkeys, and a number of reptiles. Her advice to fellow animal lovers is simple:

"Spay and neuter. Do what you can, but be practical."

Dr. Doll will read from her book on Thursday, March 15 at 7:00pm at Prairie Lights bookstore.