Proposed Overhaul to Firearms Law Met with Concern Over "Stand Your Ground" Provision

Feb 27, 2017

Republican lawmaker Rep. Matt Windschitl of Missouri Valley is pushing comprehensive changes to Iowa's firearms law this year. 

Specifically, House Study Bill 133 seeks to add "stand your ground" provisions, institute lifetime permits to carry, allow children under 14 years of age to use handguns under adult supervision, and preempt local ordinances that restrict firearms use or declare themselves “gun-free zones."

On this legislative day edition of River to River, Ben Kieffer and Joyce Russell host a roundtable discussion on the bill, talking with Iowa lawmakers and advocates with different perspectives on changes in gun laws. Guests this hour include: Rep. Matt Windschitl (R) of Missouri Valley; Rep. Mary Wolfe (D) of Clinton; Nathan Gibson, a Johnston resident and gun rights advocate; Amber Gustafson, chapter leader of Iowa Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America; and Laurel Clinton, a Des Moines resident concerned about the "stand your ground" provision of the bill.