The Procrastinator's Politics - Episode Five

Nov 4, 2016

Procrastinators, your deadline is approaching! November 8th is election day. If you haven't voted yet, catch up on our election coverage: We'll hear the final report in our series on Iowa congressional races with a profile of the 4th district campaign, as well as a final bit of analysis of the rarest of voters, those still undecided.

Episode 5: 

1. Once Again, Control of Iowa Senate Hangs in the Balance Scripted by Joyce Russell and Clay Masters 

2. Des Moines Woman Says She Voted Twice For Trump Because “The Election Is Rigged” Scripted by Sarah Boden

3. Pence Likens Trump To Reagan at Stop In Fort Dodge By Sarah Boden

4. Reynolds on Trump: “Put The Clutter Aside” Scripted by Joyce Russell 

5. Candidates Talk Obamacare and Trump in 3rd District Debate By Sarah Boden 

6. Weaver Challenges King in the Big, Conservative 4th District By Amy Mayer

7. 12 Days Until Election Day: Different Approaches To Influence Undecided Voters By Emily Woodbury and Ben Kieffer