Politics Day: Oprah for President?

Jan 16, 2018

In this new year, President Donald Trump has urged protesters to overthrow the Iranian government, threatened to blow up North Korea, and called for cuts to aid to the Palestinians.  On this River to River program, political scientists Dennis Goldford of Drake University and Jim McCormick of Iowa State University discuss Trump’s radical departure from traditional U.S. diplomacy.

Also, Oprah for president? 

McCormick says, "I kind of doubt it."

He adds, "Presidential campaigns can be grueling, and they also bring up things that can be very harsh, and I don't know if she would be ready for that."

Goldford says there may appear to be a new standard for experience, but that shift in thinking might not be appropriate.

"President Trump lowered the bar in terms of what people think you need to qualify to run for President in the way of political knowledge and experience.  But he's been struggling with his handicaps in that particular area. So as much as we want to think anybody could be President, it is to some degree rocket science.  It's no more Oprah Winfrey than it would be any other celebrity," Goldford says.