Political Opposites Discuss What's at Stake This Election

Jan 29, 2016

Days before the Iowa caucuses, political opposites, conservative Christian activist Bob Vander Plaats, of The Family Leader, and LGBT advocate Donna Red Wing, of One Iowa, share their views on the 2016 presidential race.

Red Wing says there is a lot at stake in this election, citing her concern that the next president could nominate up to four justices to the Supreme Court.

"Those decisions really are going to affect the LGBT community," she says. "Is equality the law of the law? Are we protected? Are we embraced by our government or not? The wrong judicial choices could be devastating."

Vander Plaats, who has personally endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president, also brought up the power of the supreme court, when explaining the frustration of the electorate this campaign cycle.

"People are tired of politics as usual," he says. "They're sick of not being represented. They're sick of the power being in D.C., but the people's voice isn't heard. Even on an issue like marriage. They're tired that one Supreme Court judge can make a decision that all the marriage laws change in the entire country. They're saying, we're fed up with that stuff."

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