Pints and Politics: Wrapping Up the 2018 Legislative Session

Apr 13, 2018

On this "Pints and Politics" edition of River to River, Ben Kieffer co-hosts with Gazette investigative reporter Erin Jordan. They ask panelists to discuss the latest in national and state politics, including what is likely happen before the end of the Iowa legislative session.

"They're going to do tax cuts, they're going to do the budget, and that might be it." says panelist and politics reporter for The Gazette, James Lynch. "Usually the hundredth day, when their money runs out, is an incentive to wrap things up."

Other panelists joining the discussion include Gazette columnists Todd Dorman and Adam Sullivan, as well as special guest, Donna Hoffman, department head and professor of political science at the University of Northern Iowa.

Pints and Politics is a collaboration between Iowa Public Radio and The Gazette.  It was recorded in front of an audience at C.S.P.S. in Cedar Rapids the evening of Thursday, April 12.