Pints and Politics: On Sexual Harrassment and Tax Reform

Dec 1, 2017

During this hour of River to River, it's a special Pints and Politics edition of the program, recorded before a live audience at CSPS in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, November 30. 

You have a constitutional right to due process; you do not have a constitutional right to a Senate seat. - Todd Dorman on sexual misconduct in Congress

Todd Dorman, Lynda Waddington, James Lynch and Adam Sullivan of the Cedar Rapids Gazette join Iowa Public Radio's Ben Kieffer and Erin Jordan, a reporter for the Gazette. With so many allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct in the news, the panel discusses who should pay settlements with victims, how to hold elected officials accountable for their actions and why voters ignore such misconduct when heading to the polls. 

Other topics include the GOP tax overhaul, Iowa's transition to a privately managed Medicaid system, and whether the American public has become disinterested with the Russia investigation.