Pieta Brown’s New Album Inspired by “Midwestern Magic”

Oct 2, 2014

Iowa City based singer-songwriter Pieta Brown says she had more focus than ever while producing her newest album Paradise Outlaw.

If I could paint you a picture of the recording I made this day... I try to get somewhere with that. - Pieta Brown

In this Talk of Iowa interview, Brown tells Charity Nebbe that this is the most involved she’s been in the production of a record, and that changed the experience for her.

Brown recorded the new record at the Wisconsin studio of Bon Iver’s front man, Justin Vernon. She met Vernon in Australia and says he invited her to visit the studio. When she did she sensed a bit of what she calls “Midwestern magic” and decided to record there.   Vernon sings vocals on some of the tracks on Paradise Outlaw, and the album also features a duet with folk singer Amos Lee.

Brown played two songs in her in-studio performance during Talk of Iowa, "Wondering How," which is the lead track on the record, and then "Ricochet." Here the full recordings below.