Only A Dozen Licensed Fireworks Retailers In Iowa, But More To Come

Jun 6, 2017

This is the first year fireworks can be sold in Iowa. So far there are 12 licensed retailers, though that number may grow to nearly 1,000. 

Retailers hypothetically were able to start selling bottle rockets, ground spinners and roman candles on June 1st. But since the bill was signed into law only last month, State Fire Marshal Jeff Quigle says it’s taken his office a bit of time to figure out the licensing process, which usually could take more than six months to create.

"We really ramped up the rules process," he says. "The statue did allow us to have emergency rule making authority."

Quigle says his staff worked over the weekend to start issuing licenses. The process includes on-site safety visits.

"There’s requirements as far as the product, the actual fireworks themselves. How they’re arranged in the tent or structure, and then, we look for the basics, proper exiting, also a fire extinguisher," he says. "Of course there has to be very much displayed, and very, very clear that there’s no smoking permitted."

There are two seasons for firework sales in Iowa. The first is June 1st through July 8th, and the second is December 10th through January 3rd.