Northeast Iowa Flooding At Near-Historic Levels

Aug 24, 2016

Mudslides and flooding of near-historic levels in northeast Iowa have washed out roads, and prompted both evacuations and school cancelations.

Winneshiek County saw the greatest amount of rainfall overnight. Some areas received more than seven or eight inches.

Old Stage Road near the Decorah Waste Water Treatment Plant just outside of Freeport.
Credit Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office

Winneshiek Co. Sheriff Dan Marx says he's planning for more flooding this evening, as the National Weather Service anticipates another quarter-to-half inch of rainfall.

"The ground is naturally quite saturated and it's not going to be able to handle any more rain, so it's going to cause more flooding," says Marx.

The high water levels have caused significant property damage, collapsing the foundations of houses and washing out roads.

So far there has been one reported fatality. In neighboring Chickasaw County, which received more than 3.5 inches of rain, the body of a man was found on Wednesday afternoon not far from an abandoned car in the northeastern part of the county.*

*This post has been updated.