North End Update Shares the Good News Happening in North Waterloo

Sep 20, 2017

Every Friday at 4PM, North End Update's live Facebook show shares good news about an area of Waterloo that normally is portrayed in a negative light. Upon tuning in, you hear their signature "Boomshakalaka!"

Joshalyn “Rocki” Johnson and Cheryl “Chaveevah” Banks Ferguson are the duo behind the show. 

"We've been hearing a lot of bad things happening in Waterloo, specifically on the North End, so we wanted to promote good things and good things people are doing," Johnson says. "What I've known for years is that people are doing wonderful things in our community, and they just weren't being spotlighted the way we thought they should be. And we wanted to bring those more popular people to light, and those people that are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We wanted to bring them a spotlight."

On this Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe speaks with the hosts of North End Update Rocki Johnson and Chaveevah Banks Ferguson about life in Waterloo, the fun they have hosting the show, and the show's positive effect on the area.