Newsbuzz: Will Mike Pence Help Trump With Iowa Voters?

Jul 15, 2016

Donald Trump has picked Indiana Governor Mike Pence as a running mate. Will a Midwesterner help Trump win Iowa votes? Maybe. 

During this hour of River to River, host Ben Kieffer discusses Pence with Drake University's Dennis Goldford. Goldford is professor and chair of the political Science Department, and the Flansburg Fellow at the Harkin Institute. 

Also Jodi Lindley of the University of Iowa talks about a new policy to make the UI gender neutral in the classroom; Sergeant Brandon Bracelin of the Polk County Sheriff's Department explains a controversy on Twitter after a detention officer told a civilian not to call the police, and Des Moines Register reporter Timothy Meinch talks about a compromise between the city of Des Moines and taco truck owners.