News Grab-Bag: Vandalized Butter-Cow, Corn Prices, Crackdown on "Montana" RVs, & Digitized Cemetery

Aug 13, 2013

Farmers may harvest nearly 14 billion bushels of corn this year – that’s a record and 29% more than last year. However, as a result corn prices have dropped to their lowest since 2010.

Today on River To River, we explore this topic and much more! We travel to the Iowa State Fair, talk weather and corn price predictions, find out what a digitized cemetery is, and explore a new law cracking down on Iowans who register RVs in Montana to avoid paying the 5 percent Iowa registration fee and annual registration fees.

Host Ben Kieffer checks in with Kyle Munson, live from the Iowa State Fair, NWS meteorologist Roger Vachelek, ISU economist Chad Hart, Iowa Senator Tod Bowman, and Iowa City City Clerk Marian Karr. Phew! A lot to cover on this edition of River To River.