News Buzz: Is Iowa in Idaho? It's Time to End the Mix-Up

Jul 18, 2014

Iowa and Idaho are two completely different states. Journalist and author Tim Woodward says its time to set the record straight.

Woodward got a letter from a reader in the 1980’s from a woman explaining to him why she often mixed up Iowa and Idaho. He wrote about that letter and got many, many more. "It's great fodder for a columnist; I've enjoyed writing about the mistakes." 

In the book, Woodward also notes mix ups by the media on live television. Tom Brokaw, who spent a semester at the University of Iowa singed off once with a “this is Tom Brokaw, reporting from Boise, Iowa.”

In this River to River Interview, Woodward talks with host Ben Kieffer about the mix up. How well do you know your state? Take Boise State Public Radio’s quiz here.