Muscatine's Secret to Perfect Melons

Aug 12, 2016


What's the difference between cantaloupe and muskmelon? How many types of melon are there? And how in the world do they grow seedless watermelon?


With Melon season finally upon us and harvest time in full swing, the Hort Gang helps answers those questions, and find out just what makes those melons so irresistibly juicy.


In this edition of Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe talks with Linda Naeve, Iowa State Extension Horticulturist and Value Added Agriculture Program, about the best practices for melon growing. Later ISU Extension Horticulturist Richard Jauron joins the conversation and answers listener questions. 


"Muscatine melons grow like crazy. The soil conditions are great, and it's just the perfect climate," Naeve said. "Whether it's seeded, seedless, heirloom, yellow-seeded, cantaloupe, crenshaw, honeydew, or muskmelon, they all grow really well in Iowa."