Mozart at his finest: Salzburg Festival broadcasts begin

Sep 16, 2015

Join us on Wednesdays at 7PM to hear concerts from the latest Salzburg Festival. Mozart's hometown focuses, naturally, on the music of its great native son, though in coming weeks we'll also hear other great Austrians, but for the opener, it's all Mozart - and what a program! It begins with the ballet from one of his great operas, Idomeneo; then comes what some people regard as his greatest piano concerto, No. 17 in G major (it's almost an opera for instruments). The pianist has a name that challenges radio announcers -  Kristian Bezuidenhout,  (it's Dutch for "South of the Woods") - but his legendary Mozart playing speaks for itself. The Salzburg Festival orchestra, led by Ivor Bolton, is renowned for its wind section, and this concert lets them shine. Next week, the Vienna Philharmonic and Riccardo Muti perform Schubert and Bruckner. Join us on Wednesday nights for the Salzburg experience!

Kristian Bezuidenhout - one of today's great Mozart players (and when you tune in, you'll hear his name pronounced correctly!)
Credit Marco Borggreve