Most Iowa Corn And Soybeans Rated Good-to-Excellent

Aug 15, 2016

Iowa’s corn and soybean crops are moving into final maturity with most of the acreage listed in good-to-excellent condition. Today’s report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture has both crops listed as 83 percent good to excellent.

In North Iowa’s Winnebago County, farmer Riley Lewis is anticipating a big harvest.

“I’d say in the forty-five years…it’s got to rank with one of the best,” he says. “Especially with the weather-wise, and the crop size that’s going to be coming out. With the new powerful genetics that we have to make these crops, it’s going to be a banner year.

Unfortunately, though, market predictions for the bumper yields are expected to be at break-even prices with the cost of producing the crops.