Minneapolis Troubadour Has One Lucky Guitar

Nov 12, 2014

Listen to Minneapolis folk singer Jack Klatt's story about reuniting with his guitar.
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If you don't already know Jack Klatt, he's a rambling, roving troubadour-type folk singer who made an appearance on IPR Studio One's "Java Blend" earlier this year. Klatt was born and raised in Michigan's Mississippi River Valley,  but his true story telling talent comes from his travels. 

Despite settling down in Minneapolis, the singer-songwriter has been traveling and sharing his brand of traditionally American music with the lower 48 his entire career. Recently he's been promoting his latest album, Love Me Lonely, which features the beautiful custom made Fraulini guitar he uses for his signature finger-picking style.

There are a lot of stories behind the songs on Klatt's newest album.  But not often does an artist's instrument have its own story, especially not one as long and full of tribulation as Klatt's guitar. 

In this excerpted story "Java Blend" host, Ben Kieffer, talks with Klatt about how he suddenly lost his guitar one night after a concert and the unexpected way it boomeranged back to him.