"Lord Fear" Explores Memories of Addiction and Family

May 19, 2015

Lucas Mann lost his big brother to a heroin overdose when he was only 13 years old. He writes about his journey to get to know his late brother in his new memoir Lord Fear.

book cover
Credit Courtesy of Lucas Mann

“Even before I thought of myself as a writer, I would sit down, and his addiction and his presence was always really there in the background. Even in my book Class A which is about baseball, his absence works his way into the book,” Mann explains.

Mann's first book, Class A: Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere is a story about the fans who follow the Clinton Lumber Kings. 

During this Talk of Iowa interview, host Charity Nebbe talks to Mann about his book, how his family coped with his brother’s addiction and death, and how he penned a book based largely on what he remembers from childhood.

“That’s part of what this book is about, how memory and storytelling come together… and how we deal with something like addiction, whether it’s the good or the bad or the redemption story. It’s about the weird way that memory works,” he says.