Is This London (or Paris)? No, It's Iowa!

Apr 4, 2014

Just an ordinary weekend in Iowa: Sure, if you were in London you could hear the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's Beethoven and Bruckner, and next weekend, see Sadler's Wells dance a Stravinsky double-bill. But think of the traffic and the cost of living! Meanwhile, here in Iowa? This month's Iowa Arts Showcase, which you can hear Saturday at 11 or 5, gives some in-depth background, but meanwhile  - check it out:

And that's not even everything: choral and band concerts are taking place around the state (you can find listings at IPR's events calendar of at least some - and if you know of any that are missing, please add them there!). There's a piano and organ gala at the Sondheim in Fairfield. England may swing like a pendulum do, but Iowa? We oscillate like a quartz crystal!   Here is the Joffrey Ballet's re-creation of Nijinsky's now-classic original choreography of Rite of Spring