Linn County to Take More Time Studying Minimum Wage

Jun 28, 2016

Linn County’s Board of Supervisors wants more information before deciding whether to raise the minimum wage in Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities.

That’s after the supervisors study committee recommended $8.25-an-hour, a dollar more than state law requires, but a dollar less than neighboring Johnson County.

Cedar Rapids mayor, Republican Ron Corbett, says the committee’s $8.25 recommendation is palatable, but warned that delays invited power struggles. But supervisors chairman, Democrat Ben Rogers, says ‘not so fast’.

“I was surprised that they decided to make a recommendation so quickly,” he said.

Rogers says the supervisors will be gathering their own information on the effects of hiking the minimum wage.

That will mean public forums, and seeking buy-in from Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha city councils.

“What I’m hoping I’m hoping is that we’re able to enact an ordinance that goes above and beyond the $8.25 and we’re going to start engaging more with the municipalities,” Rogers says.

The cities’ buy-in is key because they can set a different wage.

Rogers predicts Linn County’s supervisors will be ready for a decision by the end of summer.

Polk County is also considering a minimum wage increase.