Lessons Learned: Parkersburg 2013

May 21, 2013

On May 25, 2008 an EF5 tornado tore apart Parkersburg, Iowa. Seven people were killed and two more perished in nearby New Hartford.
Credit Courtesy photo

Residents of Parkersburg and nearby towns that were hit by an EF5 tornado five years ago are remembering the events of that day as information pours in from Moore, Oklahoma.  Parkersburg City Clerk, Chris Luhring says he believes part of the healing process involves helping others when you can, " I think our goal for Moore, Oklahoma is to feel our love and support and our prayers for them, people here don’t do it for the credit, they’re just leaving in the middle of the night to help and to raise some funds." Seven people were killed in Parkersburg and two died in nearby New Hartford. Luhring says a private prayer service is planned for Saturday to remember the victims.  A community meeting will be held  tonight with National Weather Service officials to discuss the lessons learned as the town moves forward.