Late Fall Tasks in the Garden

Oct 31, 2014

Have you started getting your garden ready for winter? 

It’s cooling down quickly across the state this fall. According to Richard Jauron, a horticulture expert with Iowa State University, that means now is the time to plant garlic, fence your shrubs to protect them from hungry deer and rabbits over the winter, and empty and clean your old flower pots so they don’t crack over the winter.

“People forget… and they leave their pots on the deck. Then it rains, it snows and they crack. It really shortens the life of those pots to let them freeze,” explains Linda Naeve, who also works with Iowa State University Extension. “Pour out the soil onto your compost pile; it really does help.”

During this Talk of Iowa interview, Charity Nebbe talks with Jauron and Naeve about readying your yard and garden for winter.