King: Mowrer Campaign Owes Me an Apology

Sep 29, 2014

Republican Congressman Steve King says Jim Mowrer, a Democrat and Iraq war veteran who is running against him to represent Iowa’s Fourth District, owes him an apology.

He says that’s a condition before he will follow through with a debate scheduled for October 23 with Iowa Public Television.

He needs to pull those ads and apologize for those lies. Otherwise, the merits to having a forum here... it doesn't pay. - Congressman Steve King

King accuses the Mowrer campaign of lying in a new television ad that says King voted in 2009 to raise his own pay and institute free health care for himself.  

Congressman King has only threatened that he would pull out of the debate, and he would not officially confirm that he would cancel a debate if Mowrer doesn’t apologize during an interview with River to River host Ben Kieffer. 

Congressman King is adamant, however, that he wants the campaign to issue a statement correcting the claims, in addition to formally apologizing. Mowrer says he stands by his ad.

The advertisement in question began airing last week.