King to Cast Iowa's Only "Yes" Vote on GOP Health Bill

Mar 22, 2017

Republican U-S Congressman Steve King will cast the Iowa delegation’s only “yes” vote when the Republican health care bill comes to the House floor  Thursday.  King says he’ll vote in favor of the bill because he has a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to remove a requirement that all insurance policies provide certain benefits.

“I’m confident that Mitch McConnell will keep his word to offer the amendment to strike out the essential health benefits,” King said in a video posted to his Facebook page Wednesday.  “I’m confident that the president will use his bully pulpit to make sure that we get the 51 votes necessary, and I’m confident that Vice President Mike Pence will come in and cast the deciding vote if he has to.” 

Also Wednesday, 3rd District Republican Congressman David Young said he would vote against the bill because it “doesn’t yet get it right.”  

“This conversation is not over,” Young said in a news release.  “And I believe we can achieve a common sense solution that fixes a broken healthcare system so that it works for all patients – not just some.”

Republican Rod Blum of the 1st District and Democrat Dave Loebsack of the 2nd previously said they would vote no on the health care bill.

The bill would fail if more than 21 Republicans vote against it and no Democrats vote in favor.