Kid's Music Can Actually Be Good

Nov 14, 2017

Stefan Shepherd remembers listening to ABBA and Herb Alpert as a kid; he did not grow up with "kids music." But now he has kids and he started reviewing kid's music on his blog, Zooglobble. In this segment of Talk of Iowa, Shepherd joins host Charity Nebbe to present a few options for good music for kids.

Here are three examples with some thoughts about the music from Shepherd.

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, "Paletero Man" from the album Out of LA.

The album is a concept album about celebrating life in LA

Jazzy Ash, "Li'l Liza Jane" is a new take on an old song.

She melds traditional kids songs and jazz

StevenSteven, "A Fact Is a Gift That You Give Your Brain"  

It's two guys named Steven. One used to be on Blues Clues, and the other is from the Flaming Lips. This is unexpected. This song would not sound out of place on pop radio.