Jim Webb Touts Military Experience

Aug 13, 2015

One of the lesser known Democratic candidates for president took the stage at the Iowa State Fair Thursday afternoon.

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb served in the Marines Corps during the Viet Nam War and he was Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration.

Credit Photo by John Pemble

He says this military background has prepared him to be the Nation’s Commander-in-Chief.

“The number one responsibility of the President of the United States is that burden of being your Commander-in-Chief," he says.  "And making these ultimate decisions about foreign policy, and when to use military force, and when it is wise not to use military force.”

Webb also spoke out against big money in politics, saying he “un-bought and un-bossed.”

Webb was casually dressed in blue jeans as he told around 100 people gathered at the Des Moines Register soapbox not every American has benefited from the recovery from recession.

“We need to make sure the American worker, who is the hardest, most productive worker in the world, gets a share of this economy as we bring it back,” he says.

Webb expressed support for oil pipelines, saying they are safer than transporting oil by train, and for nuclear power, calling it “totally clean environmentally.”