Java Blend Exclusive Hour With A Trio of Iowa Songwriters

May 2, 2014

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host, Ben Kieffer will chat with the Des Moines trio of Mary McAdams, Patresa Hartman, and Lily DeTaeye.

Listen to and download the podcast to find out more about their songwriters in the round.

Mary McAdams lives in Des Moines, what is sometimes called “the heartland,” and her music is modern folk.  She has performed at music festivals, art festivals, house concerts, coffeehouses and schools.  Mary performs solo, duo and with her full band.

Patresa Hartman  By industry standards, Hartman, in her late 30s, arrived a little late to the scene, having spent well over a decade nursing a fear of playing in front others. But it's perfect timing for her. Age and experience have honed the mature and soulful voice of a woman who has something to say. As Hartman puts it, making music is really about making an important human connection.    

Lily DeTaeye, at 16 years old,  is new to the Iowa music scene, but she has been writing songs since she was about 9 or 10. She performed at her first farmer's market when she was 13.  Lily is currently working on her first CD at the Sonic Factory in Des Moines. She plays ukulele, guitar and harmonica. 

This program will air Saturday, May 3 at 2 PM. Stay tuned to Java Blend on IPR Studio One!