Java Blend Exclusive Hour With The PBJs

Mar 28, 2014

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host, Ben Kieffer will chat with southeast Iowa indie folk-rockers, The PBJs.

Listen to and download the podcast to find out more about the sweet and salty duo.

The PBJs are an acoustic duo of best friends from small towns in Southeast Iowa connected by train tracks. Both are no stranger to softer, folk rock, with Nalani Proctor, a solo artist out of Keokuk, and Jason Bolinger, once the drummer for Ottumwa band "She Swings She Sways". In the beginning, The PBJs were merely a means to come together to create new music. As the group’s repertoire grew, so did their need to travel. Circling the Midwest, the two have had the pleasure of touring with their recent releases many times over.

Writing simple songs about complex things: love, life, summer, heaven. Phrases turn, emotions connect, and melodies soar. You sing along even though you've never heard the tune before. Songs from a perspective of distances, of interludes between lovers and lives and our paths in the world.

This program will air Saturday, March 29 at 2 PM. Stay tuned to IPR Studio One's Java Blend!