Java Blend Exclusive Hour With The Grahams

May 16, 2014

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host, Ben Kieffer will chat with The Grahams.

Listen to and download the podcast to find out more about the making of their debut album. 

The Grahams, the creative union of lifelong romantic partners Alyssa and Doug Graham, combine soulful bluegrass with hints of earthy Americana, adding colors from traditional folk and country blues, into an infectious blend of storytelling that results in songs of love, loss, yearning, and the view from rural American roads less traveled.

Their debut album is a winning culmination of The Grahams' long journey into the heart of America, the inspiration they derived from immersion into classic American music, and the natural and honest talent they have for bringing forth a modern musical idiom steeped in tradition. As recording of the new album began, The Grahams found a true kindred spirit in Grammy-winning producer, who brought a magical touch and inspired ideas into the studio. It was the Grahams’ Grammy-winning producer, Malcolm Burn's idea to record both Alyssa and Doug's parts live to tape without the assistance of headphones or isolation -- in the way they were written. This process gives the album a natural aura that harkens back to an era when this practice was commonplace. 

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