Jackson Pollock's Mural: The Transitional Moment

Oct 21, 2014

This hour, we hear about the two-year restoration of the University of Iowa Museum of Art's most important holding: the mammoth (8 X 20 feet) 1943 painting "Mural" by Jackson Pollock.

The famous work, a gift to the University of Iowa in the late 1940s, was was analyzed and treated by the scientists at the Getty Conservation Institute and the conservators at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  "Mural" is back in Iowa now, at the Sioux City Art Center and will later travel to Europe before returning to Iowa City.

Charity speaks with Getty conservator Yvonne Szafran and Sean O'Harrow, director of the University of Iowa Museum of Art.  Szafran's new book about the restoration of "Mural" is "Jackson Pollock's Mural: Transitional Moment." (J. Paul Getty Museum)