Iowa's Older Workers Struggle to Sign Up for Obamacare

Oct 21, 2013

Terry LaBelle, 57, of Altoona, cares for her granddaughter and several other young children in her home daycare center.
Credit Sarah McCammon / Iowa Public Radio

As we continue our look at the rollout of Obamacare in Iowa, we now turn to the implications of the new law for seniors. One of the key tenets of health reform is making coverage more accessible, by requiring everyone to get insurance – and spreading the risk among the young and old, the healthy and the sick.  Experts say this means some younger, healthier workers will now pay more for their insurance. But for some older Iowans not yet eligible for Medicare, the rates will be within reach for the first time.

Some seniors say they’re hopeful that the Affordable Care Act will mean better access to insurance – but they’re struggling to navigate the online marketplace where they can now buy insurance.

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