Iowa Reporter Becomes First Woman in U.S. to Wear Her Hijab On-Air

Mar 29, 2018

Tahera Rahman is an Illinois native who has been making headlines for the last few months by becoming the first Muslim woman to wear her hijab on live television reporting for the Fox affiliate in the Quad Cities.

She says she started wearing her hijab full-time when she was 11.

"I wore it on and off as a kid. When you were a little kid, you want to be just like your mom, so that's why I wanted to wear it. I started wearing it all the time after fifth grade," she says.

"It was my choice. Once you hit puberty, you are supposed to wear it... It's between you and God, there are a lot of women who don't wear it, even women in my family. For me, I did feel like it was a rite of passage and was part of me becoming a Muslim woman."

During this hour of Talk of Iowa, Rahman talks with host Charity Nebbe about the response she's gotten from her viewers and her community.